Presentation Skills

IMC&T Ltd recognise that poor presentation skills results in missed opportunities and fail to secure business buy-in. Our aim is to help organisations and executives deliver powerful and memorable presentations that deliver against their goals and objectives.

It is estimated that some 75% of people fear doing a presentation. They are uncomfortable standing in front of others, even peers, to present information.

They suffer sleepless nights worrying about the presentation, worrying about how they will come across, will they remember what to say etc.….

Following on from that some 99.9% of presentations are very poor and fail to achieve the objective.

If we consider these statements as even being somewhere close to being facts, then the result is a huge amount of presentations missing the mark.

With the correct preparation and planning the fear of presenting can be displaced. The outcome of a poor presentation can be damaging, it can result in:
  • Job opportunities being missed
  • Failure to gain the promotion you so wanted
  • Innovative ideas get ignored
  • Sales targets get missed.
We aim to help organisations and executives within these organisations with delivering powerful and memorable presentations

IMC&T Ltd offers the following to assist organisations:

  • Training in Planning – Preparation – Presentation
  • Use of Visual Aids
  • The art of Presenting

  • Review of presentations

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