Project & Programme Management

Irrespective of the organisation you work in you will undoubtedly encounter a PROJECT. In the corporate world of today it is highly likely that you will need people to organise things for you. The question is “is the task large enough for you to employ a full-time Project Manager?” For many SME’s this is not the case and all you may need is someone to come in and run the project on your behalf.

Another solution is to have a BESPOKE Project Toolbox designed specifically for your organisation along with the appropriate training of your staff.

Project Management Training

  • Programme and Project Management for Senior Managers: 1/2-day Overview
  • Programme and Project Management: 1-day Workshop (Overview)
  • Programme and Project Management: 2-day Workshop
  • Training and advice for Project Sponsors

Solutions offered by IMC&T Ltd

  • An experienced and qualified Interim Project Manager to work on your project(s).
  • A bespoke project toolbox with the associated training.
  • A variety of training courses – see above.

​​​​​​​These will be of a bespoke design based on your requirements and can be delivered either at your site or a neutral location.

Project Managers expend a great deal of energy in an effort to do justice to a project. From extremely tight deadlines to managing resources on a tight budget. None of them plan to fail.

However, projects do fail, and this can be disheartening to the Project Manager and the Project Team. A sad statistic reported by PricewaterhouseCoopers highlighted that only 2.5 percent of companies complete 100 percent of their projects. However, every project is distinct and can have a different set of reasons leading to failure, you must know the signature ones.

Managing a project is no easy task as every mistake can multiply to create an impact that affects the bottom line, leading to a loss in revenues and reputation

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